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            Account Settings

            To make changes to the way the SalesIn Integration works, right click the SalesIn Integration icon in the system tray and choose Account Settings.

            SalesIn Web Service

            This area a.lows you to change the SalesIn connection details that you entered when you first set up the integration.
            You should only change these settings if your account details have changed.

            QuickBooks / Reckon Accounts

            • Company File Location and Country Code – These were entered when you first set up the SalesIn Integration. If your company file location changes, you can change it here.
            • Last Synchronised with QuickBooks – The integration only uploads changes since the last time it was run, which means a quicker synchronisation and less traffic. However, you have the ability to Reset this cache and sync QuickBooks with SalesIn from scratch if required. This can be a handy troubleshooting tool in the even that some data is not being picked up for upload to SalesIn.
            • Import Sales when they are – Choose the Status for when sales are picked up and downloaded into QuickBooks. Once downloaded, they will be automatically set to Closed.
            • Put customers on credit hold – When a customer’s credit limit exceeds their balance, SalesIn can flag this customer as being on credit hold, and a warning will be shown to users when selecting them for a new sale.
            • Import Sales when they are – You can optionally link the SalesIn user as the QuickBooks sales rep for the downloaded sale if required. Make sure the First Name and Last Name match in both systems.
            • Customer/Sales Rep allocation – If enabled, this will allocate your SalesIn reps/users to the customers that they are allocated to in QuickBooks. Make sure the First Name and Last Name match in both systems.


            Specify whether you want the integration to run every X number of minutes.

            Updated: 05 Dec 2018 11:21 AM
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