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            Recurring Appointments

            Recurring Appointments

            If you need to regularly visit or service clients, you can make a series of recurring appointments by tapping the “Make recurring appointment” option.

            What you need to know

            • Appointments can be standalone (once-off), or part of a recurring set (or series) of appointments.
            • When you create a series of appointments, you can choose how often they occur – eg. On the first day of each month.
            • If details of an appointment within the series (an occurrence) are changed, this creates an exception and this appointment is now treated separately from the rest of the series.
            • You can tell the difference between an appointment that is standalone, part of a series or an exception by looking for an icon.
            • No icon – once-off
            •  – part of a series
            •  – an exception to the series
            • You can edit the series by tapping on the symbol of an occurrence. Any changes made to the series only apply from that occurrence forward. It is important to note that this action effectively ends the original series at this date and starts a new series.
            • When you edit a series (and therefore start a new one as described above), SalesIn will ask what should be done with any exceptions that exist in the new series. You have the option to remove them or keep them. If you choose to keep them, be aware that depending on the changes made to the series, it may appear as if there are duplicate appointments in your list.
            • To make changes to an appointment occurrence, make sure you open the individual appointment by tapping on the appointment itself, and not the symbol, which would mean you are editing the series.

            Updated: 05 Dec 2018 11:08 AM
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