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            You can customise and personalize the behaviour of SalesIn on your iPhone or iPad by using the Settings area. 
            From the Main Menu, tap the Settings button.

            Available Settings

            • Out of stock behavior – If you have a sale type that decreases stock and there is no more stock left, you can choose to Allow or Disallow the depleted item being added to a sale. You can also choose to Warn, which tells you the stock has depleted, but still allows the item to be used in the sale.
            • Send – Customer watch out notes – Turning this option on will show you the contents of the Watch Out Notes field against the customer when they are selected for a new sale. This can be really handy for storing internal comments against the customer and being reminded of them automatically the next time the customer is selected for a sale.
            • Automatically Sync – Determines whether SalesIn should try synchronise itself upon saving a sale or saving an appointment. You can choose to perform a full sync (Send and Receive) or just upload changes from the device without downloading server changes (Send, Don’t Receive). It is recommended to leave this option on, and use Send and Receive, so that your device data is updated as often as possible.
            • Download Images – If your user account has access to images, you can choose to store these locally so they are available offline, or load them on the fly (requires a connection). Note that Gallery View cannot be used unless images are stored offline. Turning this option on will automatically begin downloading images from the server, and turning it off will instantaneously delete them all from your device, freeing up storage space.
            • Retain Closed sales for … days – Once sales become Closed, choose how long they remain on your device before they are removed.
            • Show item codes – Turn this option on and you will see item codes in the Items List, as well as Templates. You will also be able to search by Item Code (in addition to being able to search by Item Name). Turn it off if you don’t use Item Codes.
            • Show prices inc tax – With this option turned on, Sale Items will show a tax inclusive value.
            • Preferred Template Location – Sale Templates can be set up with items that have stock in multiple locations. When adding an item to a template, you can choose that it comes from a specific location, or that the location is automatically determined. If you choose the latter, SalesIn will look to this Preferred Template Location setting to see where the stock should come from. You can set it to a specific item location, or leave it on Automatic, which means it will look to the user’s default location. Read more about how templates work here.

            Docket Printer Settings

            If you have connected to a compatible docket printer connected, you can choose the details of what you will see when you print invoices and dockets:

            • Print prices
            • Print item codes
            • Print address
            • Print date
            • Print item comments
            • Print comments


            • Reset hints – Hints will appear the first time you use SalesIn to help show you around. Once they disappear they don’t come back, so if you want to see them again, tap this.
            • Logout – To delete all data from your device and login as somebody else, tap this. Read more here.

            Updated: 05 Dec 2018 11:08 AM
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