Understanding Filtering and Searching

            Searching and filtering the appointments list

            SalesIn allows you to search and filter your appointments. 
            From the appointments list, tap the Action ([↑]) button up the top-right of the screen, and choose Search Appointments.

            This top area defines the base filtering of your appointments, and will be remembered each time you open up your Appointments list from the Main Menu. 
            SalesIn allows you to show appointments based on how they relate to Users. Appointments can be directly assigned to one or more users, or left unassigned. They can also be assigned to Customers, and Customers can be assigned to one or more users, or left unassigned. Due to this degree of flexibility, we built this top area to help you get the filtering right to suit your individual use case.

            • Appointment’s Users – Include a filter based on the user(s) explicitly assigned to the appointment.
            • Customer’s Users – Include a filter based on the user(s) allocated to a customer, which is linked to the appointment.
            • AND operator – When used, will show results that satisfy both “Appointment’s Users” and “Customer’s Users” filters
            • OR operator – When used, will show results that satisfy “Appointment’s Users” or “Customer’s Users” or both.

            SalesIn helps you make sense of this filtering by generating a sentence explaining the criteria for appointments to be shown in the list.

            Additional filtering, sorting and display configurations can be used, as described below.
            SalesIn will then show appointments when all the criteria specified is met.

            • Customer – Show appointments that belong to a specified customer.
            • Suburbs – Specify one or more suburbs so that appointments with an address matching these suburbs are shown
            • Status – Filter by “Appointment Status”. – eg. Open, Closed.
            • Show past / future – You can specify a range of time so that only appointments inside this range are shown.
            • Highlight past open appointments – Turn this on if you wish for the results to highlight an appointment in the past that is still in “Open” status.
            • Clear Search – Tap this when you would like to view all appointments in the appointments list again.
            • Group By – Allows you to group the list of appointments based on Date, Customer, Suburb or Postcode.

            Once you have worked out the type of view you would like to have of your appointments, tap the (<) Back button up the top-left to return to your appointments list.

            Updated: 05 Dec 2018 11:08 AM
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