Running the Integration

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Thu, 07/01/2021

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Run the Integrator for the first time 

Full & Partial Data Integrations

Running the Integration

Run the Integration software for the first time

Once you have completed the setup, you can run the SalesIn Integration for the first time to upload your customers and product information to SalesIn from Fishbowl.

To do this, first find the SalesIn Integration icon in the system tray:

Choose the option Run Full Integration and wait as your data is transferred to SalesIn from Fishbowl. This may take a while, depending on your Internet connection and the size of your Fishbowl database.

Full and Partial Data Integrations

After the integration has been run once, you can choose the type of integration you want to run thereafter.

Full Integration

This process uploads all your Fishbowl data to SalesIn, as well as downloads any new sales made in SalesIn.
This is the most time consuming part of the integration process, as Fishbowl is checked for any changes to its data and this is uploaded to SalesIn.

It is advised to run this at least once or twice per day, so that the SalesIn users have the most up to date customer, pricing and stock level information.

Download Orders Only

This process only downloads new sales to Fishbowl from SalesIn and does not update SalesIn with new Fishbowl data.

It is likely you will use this multiple times per day to download sales made by your reps. This process is extremely fast, taking only 1-2 seconds to add a new sales order to Fishbowl from SalesIn.