Item Tags Preference

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Fri, 08/01/2021

Item Tags Preference

Toggle On/Off - Turn this setting on to show item tags/banners on B2B website against each item. Set the name for each tag, and show/hide these tags on items page for each item. E.g.Tag can be named 'New', 'Sale', 'Promo', 'Special', etc.

Item Tag 1 & 2 - Set the name for item Tag 1 and 2, use no more than 10 characters

Tag Description 1 & 2 - Set the description for item Tag 1 & 2

Link Discount with Tag 1 &/or 2 - If turned on, Discounts would be linked with tag 1 &/OR 2 based on the end date.

NOTE: To link with an existing discount, the name of the Item Tag, MUST be the EXACT same as the discount name.